Open evening at Queens Cross Network

Wednesday 18th October 5pm-8pm

Day opportunities service for people who have physical and/or sensory  disability.

Class Based Family Learning Sessions

Starting after half term!  look out for your invitation !

Delivered by Kerrie Mason (Pens Meadow Parent)

“Get Cooking” 6 Week Family Learning Course

Why not sign up to “Get Cooking” 6 week course every Monday, starting on the 13th November at our Ridge Hill site, 09.30- 11.30 where you can enjoy making something nice with your child.

Please contact family support or school office to book your place

Discover U

Discover U were scheduled to come and do a talk at ridge hill about the service they provide for post Pens Meadow leavers. They now will have a stand at Post 16 Market Garden event this Friday 14th July, to give parents  the opportunity to have an initial introduction prior to them being invited in to do their talk next year.

WeLoveCarers Community Information

Ideas to help reduce stress during the festive period

Article and Tip sheet produced by Care for the Family for families of Disabled Children. National Autistic Society resources at the bottom of this page.

The approaching holiday season can be a stressful and exceptionally busy time of year for all of us. As parents we hope to create a lovely, happy Christmas for each family member.

However, when we have a child, or children, with additional needs it can be even more difficult to meet the needs of everyone.

While none of us is an expert, we are each the expert on our own family. Here are some ideas that we have found helpful. Click onto link below.

The National Autistic Society have also produced some information, Advice and Resources to help people with Autism over the festive period. Please cut and paste link into search engine


Autism Friendly Trampolining Sessions

flip-out-autism-friendly-2FLIP OUT SANDWELL (BIRMINGHAM)
0845 2411 339
Sandwell (Birmingham) Unit 1, Churchbridge Industrial Estate
West Midlands, B69 2AP

Parent /Carers give your views on Adult Social Care

Dudley Council and its partners are establishing a Dignity Charter. The Charter will be an agreement between local people and service providers about the standard of service that can be expected in relation to dignity. The Dudley Dignity Charter will be based upon ten dignity principles that describe values and actions that high quality services will provide.
If you are 18 or over and are receiving care and support service in Dudley or have contact with Dudley care and support services please help us by taking between 10 and 20 minutes to answer questions about dignity. The results of the survey will be used to identify where care and support services are doing well in meeting dignity standards and where they need to improve.
Whether you are receiving care and support services, caring for someone who is receiving care and support services or a relative or friend of someone receiving care and support services we would like to hear from you. Use the below link to take part in the survey. Closes on 6th January 2017