Family Outreach Summer Schemes


Summer Fun

Every year Family Outreach run a five day summer scheme for the children and young people who attend Halesbury and Pens Meadow schools. A scheme runs at each site  which caters for the needs of the children and young people from that school. Our schemes are supported by school staff and are only accessible to our children and young people and aim to provide a safe, familiar and supported environment that meets the needs of our children. The schemes also provide parents/carers with a short break whilst their children/young people are taking part in fun and varied activities with staff that know them well. Schemes are also supported by local charities such as Chaos, We love carers and Dudley Youth Service.

The schemes aim to provide opportunities for children and young people at Pens Meadow and Halesbury Schools who do not meet the criteria of other schemes run in the borough which cater for children with medical needs or children with moderate learning difficulties.

During the scheme we run a programme activities which offers onsite activities such as water play, cooking, Bread Therapy, sensory activities, sports, arts/crafts and offsite activities such as swimming and community trips such as parks (offsite activities are dependent on transport, staffing ratios and needs of the children). Lunch is not provided during the scheme and children bring their own packed lunches each day. The schemes offer 5hrs approx. per day of fun and engaging activities delivered by both school staff and external providers. Places are limited and need to be booked once advertised by the Family Outreach Team.

The scheme is funded by parent/carer contributions and each year we apply for local grants to support the running costs. However each year we aim to keep costs as low as possible for parent/carers. We have now successfully ran our schemes for 2 consecutive years at Halesbury and 3 at Pens Meadow, in 2016 we are also hoping a launch a Post 16 scheme at our new post 16 site in Pensnett.

All schemes are promoted on our website, Facebook and twitter pages.